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New Coloring Book!

Art of Procrastination: Coloring and Activity Book 

This book aims to celebrate (with some good humor) putting off chores and assignments. Fun to color, great for stress relief, the perfect gift for procrastinators. Includes 60 different designs and activities for the active mind.


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Available on Amazon

Art of Procrastination B.png


- Top 100 Amazon"Humorous Coloring Books for Grownups"

(for 1 whole day)

 - Top 115 of “Love, sex, and marriage humor” 

(for some reason I can't explain)

- Top 160 “Animal coloring books for adults”

(the only animal in this book is a "draw me" butterfly activity)

- Awarded "Best holiday gift idea under $7" 

(by my mom and sisters)

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Peek inside the book

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